About Maravillas Ranch

The Maravillas Ranch sits in the Del Norte mountain range, just south of Marathon, Texas on the road to Big Bend National Park. Hunters on the Maravillas Ranch have access to an abundant amount of game, as well as some of the most breathtaking scenery in Texas.

In addition to hunting on the Maravillas, hunters have access to the Chalk Draw ranch, located just inside Big Bend National Park. Both ranches together encompass over 50,000 acres of privately owned land. The ranches are home to a diverse range of game such as elk, mule deer, whitetail, aoudad, wild turkey, quail, dove, feral hogs and various predators such as bobcat and mountain lion.

The ranch’s terrain is a unique combination of low lying Chihuahuan Desert scrub brush and higher elevation pinon-juniper woodlands, and unique to west Texas is the presence of live water supplied by Maravillas Creek. There are many draws that enhance wildlife habitat by providing adequate cover and browsing sources.

Clients of the Maravillas Ranch stay at a hunters lodge close to Maravillas Creek, which has a great view of wildlife coming to water. The hunters lodge comfortably sleeps twelve, has a comfortable common area, a fully stocked, commercial kitchen, wood burning smoker grill and a beautiful screened in porch. The lodge also has a large cooler to store deer and a processing station.